Plant Explorer

The Adaptive Plant Explorer system is a comprehensive supervisory system utilizing web technology to monitor and manage the Adaptive ePlant™ range of control systems.

The system can run on a single computer or can be installed in a multi-user environment with a Window server and multiple workstations. The system can also be connected to a corporate LAN or WAN so that production data can be made available to anyone on the network.

The system uses Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Server to give a better than 99.99% up-time, ensuring the system is always online and supplying the tools management needs to keep the plant running at maximum efficiency.

The system automatically synchronizes the data from the control system databases with its own central database. In the event of catastrophic failure the central database is automatically re-populated from the control system data. This adds an extra level of security to a tape backup and ensures your vital production information is never at risk.

The system has a full range of powerful management tools including graphic scheduling, lot histories. online graphs, animated mimics and central programming. Local data logging by the control systems provides high-resolution lot histories and ensures, along with the many other features, that management has all the information it needs to take control of the plant.

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