ePlant™ Controller

The Adaptive ePlant™ control system is a powerful but simple to use PC-based system, incorporating the latest control and web technologies. The system uses a colour touch screen industrial PC running either the Microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows CE operating system and connects to distributed 10 modules or a PLC to control and monitor a machine.

The system can be supplied with full control panels and instrumentation; as a retro-kit with software, an industrial PC and 10 to be installed in an existing panel; as a retro-kit with software and an industrial PC to be industrial PC to be installed to an existing IO system or as a software only solution suitable for an Original Equipment Manufacturer.

The system uses rugged industrial PC's running Microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows CE with up-times typically better than 99.99% maximizing utilization and production output.

The control system includes many features such as animated mimics, local dyelot history anaylsis and comprehensive diagnostics normally only found on supervisory systems. This allowas rapid diagnosis of production problems at the machine to reduce reworks and improve productivity.

The combination of a Windows operating system, industry standard development environment and web technologies gives the control system unprecedented flexibility. The system can control and monitor any batch or continuous machine, allowing a faciltiy to standardize on one control system, simplifying maintenance, training and management.

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