ePlant™ Chemical Dispenser

The Adaptive ePlant™ chemical dispenser is an accurate, simple to maintain and powerful dispensing system which eliminates handling of chemicals and operator weighing errors.

The system uses simple three-way stainless steel dispense valves, mounted in multiple manifolds to separate incompatible chemicals, a highly accurate coriolis mass flow meter and the latest PC based control technology.

The system is supplied complete unit with the dispense manifolds, dispense valves and control system fully assembled, tested and calibrated.

The dispenser is available in a number of sizes and configurations to match specific production requirements.

Stainless steel construction, simple piston valves, coriolis mass flow meter and seal free magnetically couple pump provide years of trouble free service.

A highly accurate coriolis flow meter in conjunction with a variable flow control valve and auto-tuning dispense control for each product ensure a precise dispense every time.

Whether supporting a facility with eight small machines or a large-scale facility with forty-eight production machines, we will supply a system that exceeds production requirements and dramatically improves productivity.

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