Textiles and Leather

The Dyeing and Finishing sector of the Textiles industry is well-served by Adaptive personnel and products.

Long, in-depth experience of Textile factories means that Adaptive have automated numerous makes and types of dyeing machines, ranging from simple time temperature control to the latest hi-spec Jet, Package and Beam equipment.

But, as UK Managing Director Richard Armitage comments, "In recent years, we have found that the flexibility of PC-based controllers has allowed us to help customers in other parts of their dyeing and finishing plant as well, including stenter frames and dryers.

The ePlant concept means that all this equipment can be monitored from a simple web-browser on the company network, while sophisticated integration and automation is going on in the background."

Suitable products for Textiles plants include
Plant Explorer, ePlant Controller and ePlant Chemical Dispenser.

Beam Machines

Jet Machines

Package Machine

Package Drying Machine
Rotary Machine
Lab Machine
Sample Jet Machine

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